Where is the best shopping In New York City?

The Upper East Side: New York’s high-end shopping district.

The Upper East Side’s collection of high-end stores make it a must visit during any vacation to New York City.

New York City may be known for its bright lights and endless clothing stores but if you’re looking for a more luxurious experience than look no further then the Upper East Side.

New York’s Upper East Side is made up of three different neighborhoods. Lenox Hill south, Carnegie Hill north, and Yorkville overlooking the East River.

Why Should I visit the Upper East Side?

The Upper East Side is also packed with galleries that show off both fine art and antiques such as; Kentshire Galleries, Guild Antiques II, Sotheby’s, and many many more!

While SoHo may be home to New York City’s fashion district the Upper East Side offers more than just clothing brands to anyone visiting. The Upper East Side is home to various establishments, from gift shops to even antiques stores some shops even offer specialty services to suit your needs.

Such specialty shops include Schaller & Weber, who has been Yorkville’s butcher shop since 1937. Argosy Books has a wide collection of old and rare publications to satisfy any bookworm, and of course no tour is complete without visiting Ralph Lauren.

Where is the shopping on the Upper East Side?

While the Upper East Side may be lined with antique stores and have an endless supply of art galleries but if you just want to do some shopping?

Such stores include Barney’s who’s extensive collection of high-end clothing and make up is rivaled only by their in store restaurant and cafĂ©, you can shop digitally as you eat might we add. You can also shop at America’s only nationwide upscale department store, Bloomingdale’s. Here you’ll find top designer brands and explore the latest fashion trends worldwide.

Luckily The Upper East Side has numerous shopping malls and department stores that offer an experience like no other.

Frederick Malle is home to a variety of perfumes and specialty gifts for any loved one, so be sure to take a taxi up to the Upper East Side and explore their never ending options of shopping.

The Upper East Side has a number of local stores and boutiques as well. These stores can vary from vintage clothing, thrift stores, and even consignment shops.

Looking for a more personal experience? Try Unique Boutique, Vivaldi, or even Blue Tree. The Upper East Side is also home to a variety of women’s clothing stores like; Anthropologie, Fivestory New York, and Anik.

The Upper East Side even has its own local Nordstrom just north of Lenox Hill.

If you do decide to take a limo to the Upper East Side please keep in mind most of these stores open at noon.

What’s the best way to get to the Upper East Side?

The Upper East Side’s massive collection of luxury shops and restaurants is likely to drag any visitor out of their hotel, however that leaves a question. How do I get to the Upper East Side? At first you may look towards the subway or buses but those options are hardly reliable, so then what’s the best option? A New York Limo Service Of course! New York offers a wide a variety of limo and car services for anyone looking to experience New York as it should be.

If you’re looking to tour The Upper East Side some limo services offer hourly services for tours of the city.

With so many options the only hard part will be choosing the right car service! so then the question is.

What are the best prices for a car/limo service in Manhattan?

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Prices will vary depending on specific locations.

What Limo/Car Service has the cheapest prices for Transportation to the Upper East Side?

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New York is the center of the world and with that comes some of the most expensive homes on the planet. So there’s no doubt that some of the wealthiest people reside withing the Upper East Side. This helped spawn culture of luxury shopping and fine dining for decades to come. There’s no better way to experience the Upper East Side then within a limo.

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