Manhattan’s newest addition to the bright lights.

New York’s Expansion West: The Hudson Yards

New York City is known as the center of the world and for good reason, its collection of vibrant culture and rich history make it an ideal destination for a vacation.

Manhattan is home to one of the worlds densest clusters of skyscrapers within a city. Whether you’re in Lower Manhattan, Midtown, or even the Upper East Side, you can always look up to find a towering high-rise to marvel at. The city has recently added to its collection, building an entirely new neighborhood west of Central Park and overlooking the Hudson River, appropriately named, The Hudson Yards.

Prior to its construction the Hudson Yards was exclusively used as a train storage yard for the Long Island Rail Road. Soon both the city and private real estate agents saw the potential held by the land overlooking the river and began to buy up blocks.

Due to the railyards importance for storing trains the city first constructed an entirely new ground level above the existing railways.

Once the platform was completed construction of the Hudson Yards began, with the layout being designed by lead architect Kohn Pedersen Fox. Other architects were then brought in to design office buildings and residential spaces.

What’s in the Hudson Yards?

The Hudson Yards is now home to towering residential and commercial skyscrapers along with famous landmarks. Some of the office spaces in the Hudson Yards are occupied by well known companies such as CNNSidewalk LabsBCG, and even the fashion company Tapestry.

The Hudson Yards is also packed with tons of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Visitors can enjoy walking through the Hudson Park & Boulevard, relish at the sights offered by The Edge, or enjoy the neighborhoods other forms of entertainment. Provide by companies such as; Genesis StudioStrictly Cycling CollectiveThe Conservatory, and many more.

Buildings in the Hudson Yards have their own names and were typically designed by different architects, Recently 15 Hudson Yards made the Arch Digest top 100 designs.

Is there Shopping in the Hudson Yards?

The Hudson Yards is now littered with new retail stores and shops offering a range of products for those on tour. New stores include Dior, Dunhill, Faherty, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, and many others.

The Hudson Yards also features an abundance of new jewelry shops such as; Marli, Messika, Monica Rich Kosann, Panerai, Pandora, and even Tiffany & Co.

There are also a number of health and beauty stores in the Hudson Yards, stores such as; Keihl’s, Molton Brown, M.A.C Cosmetics, Sundays, Sephora, and so many more.

What Restaurants are in the Hudson Yards?

Restaurants in the Hudson Yards often have fantastic views of the Manhattan skyline, including some of its monuments like The Vessel.

The Hudson Yards have a wide selection of restaurants and bars to visit during your vacation to New York City. Whether you’re looking for American, Spanish, fine dining, or even Greek cuisine.

The Hudson Yards is slowly becoming one of the city’s most popular tour sites. The neighborhood’s collection of high-end stores and luxury restaurants are likely to keep those visiting engaged for hours. if that wasn’t enough the Hudson Yards also has a number of entertainment options for tourist to enjoy.

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Overall the Hudson Yards has sought to satisfy every visitor that takes a tour of the neighborhood. whether that be through retail, cuisine, or their wide selection of activities to choose from. With so much to do your only question should be What is the best car service to go to the Hudson Yards?

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