Where is the shopping in Jersey City?

Jersey City’s Shopping District: Newport, New Jersey.

Home to multiple mix use developments and shopping malls, Newport is the perfect stop for anyone looking to do some retail therapy while visiting Jersey City. Newport is also filled with retail, office, and entertainment facilities that are sure to keep you engaged during your tour.

West of New York City you’ll find Jersey City‘s very own shopping district, Newport!

For much of its history Newport was used as a railyard for rusting trains and abandoned warehouses. This is largely due to the automobile becoming commercially viable during the 19th century. Rail quickly became replaced by road leading to the railyard being forgotten about. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that Newport would see a redevelopment plan looking to transform the rusting yard into a beautiful waterfront.

Newport is now a mixed use community that covers over 500 acres of land. The waterfront now provides fantastic views of Manhattan’s skyline with much of its high rises being owned by major employers.

Is there Shopping in Newport, Jersey City?

Newport’s shopping district consists of Newport Centre. Newport Plaza, and the Newport Crossing. Various types of retail stores are spread out throughout the different malls.

Stores within the malls include; Zara, Aeropostale, Hollister, JCPenny, and even a Macy’s.

Newport’s collection of shopping centers are likely to keep you entertained for hours so be sure to take a taxi down to the city district today!

Are there Restaurants in Newport, Jersey City?

You can also pop on down to Dorrian’s Red Hand for draft beers in Newport.

Most of Newport‘s restaurants are located within the shopping center’s food courts. There are however a few selection alongside the roads including; American style bars, Italian inspired food, and even a Mexican cantina.

Newport’s hotels include restaurants as well, you’ll even find a sushi spot near the waterfront.

Newport is littered with shops and restaurants likely to keep visitors enthralled during their tours. visiting the city district can be fun but the question now is how to get to Newport. You could go with public transit but its hardly a reliable form of transportation, so then what is the best way to get to Newport Jersey City?

The best way to get to and around Newport Jersey City is through a limo service of course! New Jersey is littered with black car services that accommodate to whatever a tourist might need, whether that be a simple point to point or even an hourly service!

What are the rates for a limo/car service to or from Newport, Jersey City?

Prices to Newport will vary depending on where you’re coming from, general prices for a limo or car service are as follows.

Vehicle ClassJersey City – NewportHoboken – NewportBayonne – NewportManhattan – NewportNewark – Newport
LUX Sedan$109.22$110.96$130.90$143.70$138.19
LUX SUV 6$125.36$127.57$152.90$169.16$162.16
LUX SUV 7$135.93$138.37$166.40$184.39$176.64
Premium SUV$217.56$217.56$217.56$217.56$217.56
Prices will vary depending on specific locations.

Who has the Best Rates for a limo/car service to or from Newport, Jersey City?

The best prices for a taxi to Newport are held by My Destiny Limo and are as follows.

Vehicle ClassJersey City – NewportHoboken – NewportBayonne – NewportManhattan – NewportNewark – Newport
Private Shuttle$73.14$74.43$89.25$98.77$94.67
Prices will vary depending on specific locations.

Newport is one of Jersey City‘s most popular shopping district’s making it a must visit during your vacation.

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