Places to visit in Washington D.C.

America through Architecture: Georgetown’s Historic Neighborhood.

Georgetown is now home to many shops and restaurants that are located all throughout the town. Most shops are located on the towns main streets where you’ll find all kinds of boutiques and restaurants, you can even check out their mixed used development, Washington Harbor.

Welcome to one of the nations most historic towns, Georgetown. Located in the Northwestern part of Washington D.C. and founded in the mid 1700’s Georgetown history lies both in its community and its architecture.

Georgetown’s beauty is held both in its natural sceneries and its community! the towns collection of parks and historic architecture is likely to capture the heart of anyone visiting.

Georgetown would be first documented in 1632 by English fur trader Henry Fleet. The town would be established in the 1750’s, prior to this the port of Georgetown was established 40 years earlier than the town.

In the early 1820’s the Potomac River became so filled up with ports and silt that it became hard for boats to navigate. The solution was to build a new canal going from Harper’s Ferry to Georgetown, however the introduction to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad altered that.

after a tobacco inspection house was built alongside the Potomac river the town began to see an influx of business. Georgetown would then build wharves, warehouses and other buildings in the area eventually forming into its own community. This community would then blossom allowing ports, trade, and shipment.

During this time Georgetown’s buildings would develop into a federalist architectural style which can be seen in residential homes, commercial shops, and even hotels.

Are there Restaurants in Georgetown?

You’ll find that Georgetown specializes in both modern American and traditional American foods. Restaurants like; Clyde’s, The Fainting Goat, Martin’s Tavern, and 2941 offer fantastic American eats.

Georgetown is considered quite a peaceful town, You’ll often find both residents and visitors relaxing in the park or strolling the port. This is perfectly accompanied by a collection of restaurants for you to enjoy!

Georgetown also offers fantastic Seafood from Fiola Mare, Italian digs from Filomena Ristorante, and French cuisine from Lutece or Chez Billy Sud.

Where is the Shopping in Georgetown?

Most of Georgetown’s shopping is located within there malls. Such malls include, Georgetown Shops, Georgetown Park, and Cady’s Alley. These malls were built alongside Georgetown’s main avenues and are typically mixed-use shopping mall and condominium complexes.

Georgetown is also home to a number of women’s clothing stores and boutiques to help with all your shopping needs. Aritzia, Alice + Olivia, Reformation, and The Phoenix are only a few of the options available to shoppers visiting.

There are also a few gift shops in the area for those looking to buy a souvenir during their visit.

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Georgetown is filled with activities that make a visit both fun and relaxing. Whether you’re checking out their collection of parks, restaurants, or simply enjoying their historic architecture you’re bound to find something to do on your tour.

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