New York’s Third Busiest Airport.

New York’s Redeveloped Airport: LaGuardia

Outdated facilities, lack of cleanliness, a cramped building, and poor customer service would cause LaGuardia to be ranked among the worst airports until about 2016

Built in 1929 and covering over 600 acres of land LaGuardia Airport has quickly rose to one of the busiest airports in the world. Located in East Elmhurst the airport is used by New York, New Jersey, and even Connecticut residents. LaGuardia had also gone through a redevelopment that was completed as recently as 2023. This was a much needed modernization as LaGuardia was considered the least upkept airport of the main 3 in NYC.

Prior to the construction of LaGuardia airport the surrounded land was used as a summer resort development. The resort featured; beaches, lawns, boathouses, and even bathing pavilions. The resort was German influenced and drew similarities to Brooklyn’s Coney Island.

Sadly prohibition on alcohol and anti German sentiment pushed out residents leaving the resort practically abandoned. Soon the area was industrialized, polluting the water and surrounding beaches.

The New York Air Terminals saw the potential land and made plans to build a seaplane base in 1929. Upon its inception the airport held a grand opening that featured air races, “flying” boats, and even a speech from George U. Harvey.

LaGuardia airport has recently finished a major remodeling project that improved conditions for all terminals and the airport itself. Terminal A now serves Spirit, and Frontier Airlines. Terminal B has multiple airlines operating out of the terminal such as; American Airlines, JetBlue, Air Canada, Southwest, and United Airlines. Terminal C is exclusively used by WestJet, and Delta.

Most terminals now contain their own collection of small shops and restaurants in case you need to pass the time or are in the mood to do a little shopping.

The new Terminal C is also host to Delta Airline’s largest Sky Club of the airport.

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