The home of one of America’s most famous arms makers.

The Insurance Capital of the World: Hartford, Connecticut

Welcome to one of the highest concentrations of insurance companies within a city, Hartford Connecticut! Home to both big name insurance companies and illustrious medical universities Hartford is one of the oldest city’s in the United States. Not only is it packed with rich history but thanks to many renovation projects is also filled with vibrant culture likely to make any visit a great one.

Hartford ranks as the 3rd most educated state in the country thanks to its collection of specialized universities.

Hartford’s collection of universities have made it prime real-estate for both colleges and companies looking to make use of higher educated individuals.

During colonial times Hartford operated as a trading center for both the Dutch and the English, it wasn’t until 1636 that the city’s boundaries would be officially set. Construction of new docks helped the city’s trade market explode and soon manufacturing companies would be built inside the city.

Much of Hartford’s wealth came during the Civil War as the city began to specialize in manufacturing precising parts used in automobiles, clocks, and even rifles. Hartford would then have a prominent role during the industrial revolution, not only manufacturing parts but also designing brand new innovations.

After a series of natural disasters the city began to decline, soon many immigrants moved into Hartford driving many previous residents into the outer suburbs.

Hartford is now host to schools that specialize in tech, science, medicine, manufacturing, and even healthcare. Some of these universities include UCONNTrinity, and even St. Joseph’s.

It was the establishment of the Hartford Graduate School that helped the city bounce back to the top. Hartford then kicked off a 4 decade long rebuilding process constructing new colleges, office buildings, museums, and even skyscrapers! Connecticut’s insurance giants moved back in during this time, most famously the Phoenix Life Insurance Company, many of the new company’s coming in built their offices on Constitution Plaza.

This has made Hartford one of the best states for tech companies wanting to hire skilled graduates.

What is there to do in Hartford, Connecticut?

Hartford is also home to a number plazas, often containing sculpture gardens to enjoy during your walk. The most well known of which is Bushnell Park who’s combination of natural beauty and sculptures make it an ideal vacation spot.

Hartford is packed with activities for all visitors to enjoy, whether that be enjoying the outdoors or checking out their collection of art galleries.

Hartford is filled with various art galleries scattered throughout the city, along with a collection of museums likely to keep you engaged for hours during your tour.

What Restaurants and Stores are available in Hartford, Connecticut?

Hartford is the capital of Connecticut, meaning its littered with different types of shops and restaurants to explore during your visit.

Most of Hartford’s shopping is split up into different categories ranging from beauty and fashion, liquor stores, and even book stores. They also feature a number of gyms and massage parlors for anyone looking to blow off some steam.

Hartford also has a variety of restaurant for any picky eaters, whether that be cheap and easy or even a 5 star experience. There’s also great selection of bars and even brunch spots for early birds! Hartford also has a few Gyro, Halal, Mexican, and even sushi spots for more unique cuisines.

Hartford wide collection of shopping and dining make Connecticut one of the best state’s to visit during your vacation. whether you’re staying in the city or just taking a tour you’re bound to find whatever you’re looking for. This may leave you with one question, how do I get to Hartford, Connecticut? A black car service of course!

Hartford offers a number of limo and car services for those visiting, some company’s even offer hourly services for anyone wanting to take a tour of the city. If you’re planning to visit Hartford from out of state you’ll be happy to know that most taxi’s offer long distance transportation, so even if you’re in Manhattan don’t hesitate to book a trip to Hartford.

What are the rates for a limo or car service to or from Hartford?

Rates for a limo or car service to Hartford will vary depending on where you’re coming from, if you’re coming in from out of town prices are as follows.

Vehicle ClassNew Haven – HartfordSpringfield – HartfordWhite Plains – HartfordManhattan – HartfordProvidence – Hartford
LUX Sedan$248.56$201.02$439.07$520.21$312.13
LUX SUV 6$302.36$241.97$544.36$647.43$460.94
LUX SUV 7$331.76$264.94$599.51$713.54$507.21
Premium SUV$373.39$294.75$688.45$822.62$579.84
Pries will vary depending on specific locations

Who has the best rates for a limo or car service to or from Hartford?

The best rates for a limo or car service to or from Hartford is held by My Destiny Limo and are as follows.

Vehicle ClassNew Haven – HartfordSpringfield – HartfordWhite Plains – HartfordManhattan – HartfordProvidence – Hartford
Private Shuttle$176.70$141.36$318.30$378.61$269.49
Pries will vary depending on specific locations

Hartford may have been previously known for its manufacturing, though throughout the years the city has a become a hub for vibrant culture and fine dining. Visiting is a must during your vacation and with wide access to car services it’s now easier than ever to book a limo to Hartford, regardless of where you’re coming from.

If you’re wondering what taxi service to use try My Destiny Limo, their combination of luxury vehicles and professional chauffeurs make it an excellent choice of transportation, so book today!

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