Need a ride to LGA from Connecticut? No Problem!

Connecticut to LGA; Make your trip hassle free!

LaGuardia is considered to be New York’s third busiest airport and for good reason. You’ll often find that most travelers are not only coming in from NYC but also from the surrounding states. such is the case with Old Greenwich, who’s close proximity to LGA means Connecticut residents will sometimes take a taxi down to the New York airport.

Most Connecticut and upper New York residents may opt to fly out of HPN, however most travelers flying international will have to go to LaGuardia as Westchester County Airport doesn’t offer the same level of travel compared to LGA.

Most Connecticut travelers come in from towns close to New York like Old Greenwich or even Stamford. There are even a handful of fliers who come in from deeper in, like Hartford. Today, there are more than a few methods of transportation to get you to LaGuardia from Connecticut.

You may first be tempted to check out your public transit options, however those options are hardly reliable and may not even be safe. So then that brings up the question, what is the best way to LGA from CT? A black car service of course! Now a days New York offers an extensive selection of limo and car service’s for anyone needing to get to the airport.

New York’s collection of limo service’s offer more than just a ride to the airport, they offer an experience. Safe, reliable, hassle free, and most of all professional, this helps separate a New York taxi from public transit like the bus or train. New York car service’s can also be reserved ahead of time, meaning if you’re going out of the country for a vacation you can have your driver prebooked for your return. While booking a limo service may seem excessive for a simple airport pickup today limo’s are not only reliable but also affordable!

Some limo service’s offer inside pickups in case you need any help with bags.

If you decide to go with a meet and greet service drivers will park their car and meet you at baggage claim with a sign, making the pickup much easier, this should leave you with one question on your mind.

What are the rates for a limo or car service to LGA from Connecticut?

Prices for a limo or car service to LGA from Connecticut will vary depending on what part of Connecticut you are coming from, general prices are as follows.

Vehicle ClassOld Greenwich – LGABridgeport – LGADanbury – LGANew Haven – LGAHartford – LGA
LUX Sedan$217.70$300.32$330.63$373.07$502.45
LUX SUV 6$263.16$368.11$406.61$460.52$624.87
LUX SUV 7$288.39$404.51$447.10$506.74$688.58
Premium SUV$322.35$458.99$509.10$579.29$793.26
Prices will vary depending on specific locations

Who has the best rates for a limo or car service to LGA from Connecticut?

The best prices for a limo or car service from Connecticut to LGA are held by My Destiny Limo and are as follows.

Vehicle ClassOld Greenwich – LGABridgeport – LGADanbury – LGANew Haven – LGAHartford – LGA
LUX Sedan$153.76$215.17$237.70$269.24$365.41
Prices will vary depending on specific locations

Limo and car service’s are scattered all throughout New York City, with many of them offering top tier service for anyone visiting. Whether you’re going to LGA for a vacation or needs a chauffeur to pick you up inside you’ll always find what you’re looking for. If you’re booking for more than 7 people then not to worry! most car companies offer VANs and even Sprinters that transport up to 14 people. This may leave you wondering, What is the best limo or car service to take me to LGA? My Destiny Limo Of course!

Their combination of experienced chauffeurs and luxury vehicles make it an excellent choice of transportation, so book today!