Philadelphia to New York.

Need Long-Distance Transport? Not to worry!

If you live anywhere in the Philadelphia area and need to get to Manhattan, then you may come to realize it’s rather difficult to find direct transport to the Big Apple. Trains and buses are unreliable, not to mention that with inflation, flying is out of the question too, but then what’s the best way to get to New York from Philadelphia?

A limo or car service of course! Limo services have skyrocketed in popularity, largely thanks to their reliable and easy to book services at affordable rates. Plus, most black car services in New York offer a variety of vehicle options, meaning you’ll never have to worry about running out of space for you or your family.

Most car services in New York can accommodate for just about anything, whether you’re looking for a simple sedan or maybe even a sprinter!

To or From Philadelphia.

Black car services will go anywhere, whether you live in a major metropolis or a rural area you can always find a transportation service perfect for you. Plus, if you’re visiting New York and looking to take a tour, you can always book an hourly charter, that way the driver can stay with you during your entire visit.

These days limo and car services will go just about anywhere, Philadelphia to New York may be the first one that comes to mind, but did you know you can also find service from Harrisburg to New York? You can also find taxi’s that’ll take you from Johnstown to New York, and even Pittsburg to New York! Some limo services will go even further out to places like Connecticut, Rhode Island, and even Massachusetts.

You’ll also never have to worry about your driver being late or companies canceling last minute, with the right car service you’ll always have safe, relaxing, and hassle-free transportation to anywhere in the Tri-State Area. In fact, with so many different limo or car service available in the Tri-State Area your only concern will be finding the right price.

Prices for a limo or car service to or from Philadelphia.

Rates for a limo or car service to New York from Philadelphia will vary depending on specific pick up and drop off locations, general prices from the Pennsylvania area are as follows.

Vehicle ClassPhiladelphia to New York CityPittsburgh to New York CityHarrisburg to New York CityLancaster to New York City
LUX Sedan$645.44$2,072.21$1,039.24$1,001.80
LUX SUV 6$801.28$2,613.67$1,301.52$1,253.96
LUX SUV 7$882.68$2,887.88$1,436.13$1,383.51
10 Pass. VAN$1,951.09$5,922.71$3,047.30$2,943.06
Prices will vary depending on specific locations.

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