Downtown Brooklyn and how to get there.

Downtown Brooklyn Events.

When visiting New York City, you may often think about touring places like Times Square, Broadway, or maybe even MSG, but what if we told you not all entertainment in the city needs to be paid for? New York is more than just Manhattan, and Brooklyn is a great example of this, as its massive rise in popularity can be felt all throughout the city’s downtown.

Downtown Brooklyn is now packed with a variety of commercial shopping and fantastic dining for every visitor to check out. Not to mention a wide selection of recreational and indoor activities to keep you entertained for hours.

Some of Downtown Brooklyn’s parks will also host events, parades, and even performances from artists for every traveler to come and enjoy. You may also find a couple of pop-up shops and street vendors for you to get a quick bite to eat or maybe even a souvenir.

What to do Downtown.

Speaking of performances, Downtown Brooklyn has quickly become a must visit largely thanks to its abundance of public entertainment options put on by the very people that live there. You’ll even find that some of its streets will be blocked off to encourage artists looking to get their art out into the world.

Some places like the Brooklyn’s Commons Park will feature rotating menus throughout the weeks to keep visitors coming back for more, Willoughby Plaza provide live music during lunchtime, and you can even grab a drink and paint at Albee Square during happy hour. Of course, this doesn’t even mention some of Downtown Brooklyn’s shopping centers like the Dekalb Market Hall and City Point, who all feature their own collection of shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Over the years, Downtown Brooklyn has looked to make a name for itself in New York’s booming economy, and now it finally has. Now the only thing left to figure out is where to start, and maybe how to get there. Luckily, New York City is not only filled with a variety of shopping and dining options, but also home to plenty of transportation options to choose from.

Transportation in New York.

While you may initially lean towards using public transit like the MTA’s train or bus, these options are hardly reliable, not to mention completely unsafe. Buses are always delayed, and trains are a little more than dirty, but then what is the best way to get around New York? A limo or car service of course!

Limo or Car Service in New York.

Limo services have quickly become one of the most popular ways of getting to or from anywhere in New York City. Not only are they some of the most reliable ways of getting around but the experience of touring New York City in the back of a luxury vehicle is unmatched and will stay with you for the rest of your life. Plus, the right chauffeur can make the ride both fun and educational as some of the best drivers will know the city’s history like the back of their hand. Additionally, with so many black car services available in New York your only concern will be finding the right service, and the right price.

Rates for a limo or car service to or from Downtown Brooklyn.

Prices for a limo or car service to or from Downtown Brooklyn will vary depending on specific pick up and drop off points, general prices New York City are as follows.

Vehicle ClassTimes Square – Downtown BrooklynSoHo – Downtown BrooklynHudson Yards – Downtown BrooklynWilliamsburg – Downtown Brooklyn
LUX Sedan$182.11$160.61$172.39$157.47
LUX SUV 6$212.73$185.42$200.38$181.43
LUX SUV 7$231.51$201.30$217.85$196.89
10 Pass. VAN$661.37$601.51$634.31$592.79
Prices will vary depending on specific locations.

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