Enjoy Spring at Park Slope!

Spring at the Slope; Time to enjoy Park Slope!

The warm weather has finally arrived in New York! and there’s no better way to savior it then by coming down to visit one of Brooklyn’s historic towns, Park Slope. Park Slope is a perfect visiting spot as the neighborhood’s collection of shopping, dining, and entertainment are likely to keep you engaged for hours.

Additionally Park Slope’s proximity to Prospect Park makes it the perfect destination for anyone looking to enjoy the great outdoors as well.

You can even enjoy the nightlife in Park Slope through some of their many bars and grills located throughout the neighborhood’s main avenues.

What to do in Park Slope.

Park Slope has a wide variety of dining options available to visitors. Such choices include, Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican, French, and even authentic sushi! The neighborhood also features plenty of bars to choose from making it the perfect vacation spot. Overall Park Slope is the perfect place to enjoy the spring weather, in fact the only question left on your mind should be how to get to Park Slope.

You may initially be tempted to try your luck with public transit like a bus or train, however those options are hardly reliable, not to mention unsafe. So then what is the best way to get to Park Slope? a limo or car service of course! These days limo services are more than affordable plus offer an experience unlike no other making it the perfect mode of transportation to get to Park Slope.

New York City is packed with taxis ready to offer their services to anyone that needs it, in fact the only question left is.

What are the rates for a limo or car service to or from Park Slope?

Prices for a limo or car service to or from Park Slope will vary depending on specific locations, general prices from the New York City area are as follows.

Vehicle ClassLower Manhattan – Park SlopeMidtown – Park SlopeWilliamsburg – Park SlopeGreenpoint – Park SlopeJersey City – Park Slope
LUX Sedan$120.17$145.55$125.20$129.90$134.79
LUX SUV 6$139.27$171.51$145.66$151.63$157.84
LUX SUV 7$151.32$186.99$158.39$165.00$171.86
Premium SUV$217.56$217.56$217.56$217.56$217.56
Prices will vary depending on specific locations.

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