Places to visit in New York.

From Broke to Brownstones: Park Slope is more than its Nightlife.

There’s no doubt that New York City has garnered a reputation for its massive collection of shops, restaurants, bars, and lounges. With so many options it can be hard to choose where to go to next, but might we point your attention to one of the outer boroughs, Brooklyn.

For the past 2 decades Brooklyn has been going through a redevelopment period that rivals even its neighboring city, Manhattan. Buildings now tower downtown, shopping moved to Williamsburg, and Brooklyn is now home to some of NYC’s wealthiest neighborhoods.

Park Slope is a prime example of this, lined with brownstone and packed with shopping it is now home to over 60,000 people.

Where are the Good Restaurants in Brooklyn?

5th Avenue is known for their upbeat bars like Bar Crudo, and unique restaurants such as Colombian NY.

Park Slope is littered with lively bars and restaurants offering top tier foreign cuisine to anyone visiting. Most of these restaurants can be found on Park Slope’s main avenues, 7th Avenue and 5th Avenue.

7th Avenue is lined with sushi spots like Katsuei, Mediterranean food from Miriam, and Fausto’s Italian food that makes any vacation incomplete without a visit to Park Slope. 7th Avenue also has a wide selection of Japanese, Mexican, and even French cuisine!

When did Park Slope Develop?

Park Slope’s brownstones were developed as early as the 19th century, at the time the neighborhood would begin see additions ranging from locomotives to whole parks. These additions would attract wealthy New Yorkers who began to flock to the outer boroughs, like Queens or in this case Brooklyn.

Developers bought the farmland then contracted carpenters and brick workers to craft the brownstones into what you see today. These workers were often foreign immigrants who fled from countries all over the world to find work in New York. You can often see influences of their cultures based on the design of the brownstone.

The original owner, Edwin Clark Litchfield, would sell off this land to multiple buyers during the Civil War.

Brownstone was originally used for stoops on brick townhouses, eventually the materials durability and malleability made it ideal for construction.

Where is the shopping in Brooklyn?

5th Avenue features a number of fashion shops, from St.HROUDA to La Belle Boutique at 5th Ave. Park Slope‘s avenue even has a number of vintage clothing store such as Beacon’s Closet, Slope Vintage, and Life Boutique Thrift.

If you’re planning on buying a souvenir then look no further than 5th Avenue‘s, Gift Man or OM Gift Shop. 5th Avenue even has its own record store! Fifth Avenue Record Shop.

Park Slope‘s main avenues are lined with a massive collection of high end clothing stores and boutiques making it a must visit during your vacation.

5th Avenue also has a fair amount of home goods store, like La Nature Store, or Slope Home.

7th Avenue is also littered with women’s clothing stores like KIWI and Min-K. The BLOK HILL clothing store also features a home goods department BLOK HAUS.

Like 5th Avenue, 7th Avenue is packed with gift shops, making it the perfect place to find a souvenir during your tour of New York. Such gift shops include, Sterling Place, Mandala Tibetan, and even Leroy’s Place.

7th Avenue also features a men’s clothing store, Fig.

You’ll also find a Barnes & Noble along the avenue located right next to the New York Methodist Hospital.

7th Avenue is lined with churches, the most noticeable being the Old First Reformed Church, whose bell tower is easily spotted in the skyline.

What are Brownstones?

A brownstone refers to one house out of a row of houses, typically made of sandstone.

Park Slope is now home to a number of brownstones that took inspiration from different cultures and styles. You may see examples of Italianate, Greek Revival, Queen Anne, Romanesque Revival, and even Renaissance Revival within the neighborhood.

Brownstones were built while horse carriage was still prevalent so they often featured stoops ascending to the entrance of the parlor floor in order to avoid manure on the street level. The ground floor is usually a few steps down from the street level and was typically used by servants.

Sadly some of these Brownstones are being demolished to make way for modern, cookie-cutter houses.

What are the best prices for a car/limo service to Park Slope?

The best prices to or from Park Slope will vary depending on where your hotel may be located, if you are coming in from Manhattan the best prices for a limo service are as follows;

Vehicle ClassUptown – Park SlopeMidtown – Park SlopeDowntown – Park Slope
LUX Sedan$166.35$149.29$129.38
LUX SUV 6$197.93$176.26$150.97
LUX SUV 7$216.22$192.24$164.27
Premium SUV$237.43$217.56$217.56
Prices may vary depending on specific locations.

What are the best prices for a car/limo service to Park Slope from outer boroughs?

New York’s extensive list of limo services and car services offer a wide variety of prices, if you’re coming in from one of New York’s outer boroughs rates are as follows;

Vehicle ClassQueens – Park SlopeThe Bronx – Park SlopeStaten Island – Park Slope
LUX Sedan$153.36$179.15$161.61
LUX SUV 6$181.43$214.19$191.91
LUX SUV 7$197.96$234.21$209.56
Premium SUV$217.56$258.59$229.59
Prices will vary depending on specific locations.

Why Should I Visit Park Slope?

Park Slope’s collection of vintage shops, unique restaurants, and lively nightlife make any visit worthwhile regardless at what time you may arrive. If you come at night, the slope is filled with bars and lounges letting you kick back and enjoy the evening.

Park Slope is packed with all sorts of activities making taking a tour worth while, and if you’re a nature person you’ll be happy to know Prospect Park is just a walk up the avenue, so book a limo to Park Slope today!

If you decide to take a taxi to Park Slope during the morning then you’ll be greeted with a wide selection of cafes and brunch locations to spice up the morning.