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Personalized Travel

Each time we hire My Destiny Black Car Service & Limo the service is excellent, professional and on time. The driver meets our guests at the airport and delivers them safely to our home.

Consistently good car service

I travel to NYC on a regular basis and always use My Destiny Limo service. I almost always get the same driver (Jimmy is amazing!) and he is always on time. Cars are in outstanding condition, well maintained and clean. Easy to book on line and you know what you are going to pay upfront. Competitive/cheaper then most car services and sometimes pretty close to Uber (for airport departures/arrivals). I often have to leave early to get a morning flight and I don't want to risk trying to find an Uber or Lyft at 4:00am in the morning. (Even in NYC). As others have said, driver communication via email or phone is very good. Highly recommend these guys.

Great Service

Our flight from Toronto was delayed 1.5 hours, I contacted Destiny who in turn contacted the Limo driver. The driver texted me as we waited on the tarmac in Toronto, I was then able to text him when we had clearance to takeoff. He waited at LGA for the whole time until our arrival, over an hour! Great service! Very pleasant driver!

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