Where to shop in New York City.

Art to Architecture: SoHo is more than just Fashion.

Look no further than Manhattans art district, SoHo. SoHo has gone through many changes throughout history but today it stands as New York City’s fashion district. Their collection of retail stores and boutiques is rivaled only by their unique architecture.

Vacations to New York can be fun! Exhilarating, and sometimes a little overwhelming. You get to see Times Square, the statue of Liberty, maybe even Broadway. But what if you wanna do some shopping?

SoHo’s artistic district would flourish during the 1960’s after many of the previous factories moved south. Artist were drawn in by the relatively cheap rent and unique designs of the buildings, which allowed for more open interior space. This helped SoHo become the center of avant garde art with prominent artists like; Jean-Michel Basquiat, Twyla Tharp, Andy Warhol, and many more.

SoHo’s gathering of artist led to an explosion of expression through both art and fashion, leading to the neighborhood establishing a wide collection of fashion.

During the 70’s SoHo was almost demolished to make way for an expressway. Luckily conservationist preserved the area by successfully classifying it as a historic district.

Why do SoHo’s buildings look so different?

Soho‘s buildings were designed in what’s known as cast iron architecture becoming wildly popular off the backbone of the industrial revolution. Cast-iron was cheap, easy to mold, and resistant to wear and deformation, making it an excellent engineering material.

Cast-iron would soon be used in balconies, fences, bridges, and entire buildings. Originally developed by James Bogardus and popularized by Daniel D. Badger, this style of architecture would become popular amongst factories, as their higher ceilings allowed for more floor space.

New York is now packed with over 200 cast-iron buildings constructed during the early 19th century.

Cast-iron designs typically feature heavy uses of arches and columns. The strength of the iron allowed for larger windows, letting in more sunlight.

Where is the Shopping in SoHo?

SoHo even features a few malls and department stores like; Shops of SoHo, SoHo mall, and even Bloomingdale’s.

SoHo offers a variety of high-end fashion stores and lowkey boutiques that offer more personalized experiences for anyone visiting. Such stores include; Miu Miu, Chloe, Patagonia, and even Prada.

Some of Soho’s sidewalks are even lined with street venders who are more than happy to help you find what you’re looking for, so be sure to take a taxi down to SoHo!

Are there places to eat in SoHo?

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat while visiting SoHo then you’ll be glad to know that the neighborhood is packed with all kinds of restaurants and food halls to choose from!

SoHo’s collection of eats include French, Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican, and even American. Shuka, and Pera specialize in Mediterranean while Bistro Les Amis and Balthazar offer French cuisine to its diners. Galli and Aurora are home to excellent Italian food, SoHo even features Japanese cuisine from Omen Azen!

SoHo’s variety of restaurants has plenty to offer to any tourist and is sure to bring any visitor out of there hotel and onto the New York streets. With so much to do in the neighborhood the only question left is how to find transportation to SoHo.

What is the best way to get to or from SoHo, New York?

Some taxi companies even offer hourly services for visitors that want to tour the neighborhood inside a vehicle.

New York City may be well known for its massive public transit hub but most residents can tell you that it’s hardly reliable. If you’re looking for a safe and hassle free way of taking a tour of SoHo than try booking a limo service to take you there. New York is filled with a wide selection of limo/car services that are sure to meet all your needs.

What are the rates for a Limo/Car Service to SoHo, New York?

Prices will vary depending on what specific part of NYC you are taking a taxi from, if you are looking for a local transfer within Manhattan prices are as follows;

Vehicle ClassLower Manhattan – SoHoMidtown – SoHoUpper Manhattan – SoHo
LUX Sedan$106.26$117.03$141.82
LUX SUV 6$121.60$135.28$166.77
LUX SUV 7$131.77$146.90$181.74
Premium SUV$217.56$217.56$217.56
Prices will vary depending on specific locations.

What are the best rates for a limo/car service to or from SoHo, New York?

The best prices for a limo or car service to or from SoHo, New York are held by My Destiny Limo and are as follows;

Vehicle ClassLower Manhattan – SoHoMidtown – SoHoUpper Manhattan – SoHo
Private Shuttle$70.94$78.94$97.36
Prices will vary depending on specific locations.

New York City is the melting pot of the world and is home to a wide variety of entertainment for any visitor. It’s wide collection of shows, shops, movies, and restaurants are sure to make any vacation worthwhile.

If you’re wondering as to which limo service to go with then look no further than My Destiny Limo. There combination of luxury vehicles and knowledgeable chauffeurs make any visit hassle free. so don’t hesitate, book today!

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