Want a quiet vacation? Give Stamford a try.

Need to get away from the bright light? Go up North!

With no shortage of outdoor activities and restaurants to enjoy, Stamford offers the perfect destination for anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors during their vacation. Stamford has a wonderful collection of public parks and coastlines that are sure to provide fantastic views for anyone visiting!

Stamford has a multitude of outdoor centers, nature preserves, gardens, and public parks offering a variety of entertainment. Not to mention its proximity to the coastline makes it a great place to enjoy fishing, sun bathing, and even diving into some of their lakes!

If Stamford’s assemblage of parks wasn’t enough the town also features a wide variety of shopping an dining to enjoy, so what’re you waiting for? Take a taxi up to Stamford!

The majority of Stamford’s urban development came during the 1960’s. Previously, during the late 19th century, it was the sight of many summer homes built by wealthy New Yorkers who would commute via train. From the 70’s to the 90’s the city began to develop taller buildings, a trend that continues to this day. New retail, office, residential, and hotel spaces have gone up as recently as 2012, with over four thousand more units projected to be built.

Stamford’s urban development has also led to a boom in culture within the city, with new mixed-use developments being built throughout the town. Stamford now has a wide collection of restaurants and shops offering all kinds of services and cuisines. The majority of the city’s best restaurants can be found in Downtown Stamford, along with a few art centers and movie theaters.

What Dining options are there in Stamford?

Stamford’s collection of restaurants vary from New Latin, Greek, Seafood, and even modern cuisine. A walk through Downtown Stamford will also reveal a large amount of Italian restaurants and even Indian food for those wanting to try something different.

Downtown Stamford also has a number of a bars and grills available to anyone wanting to go out for the night.

Downtown Stamford’s cluster of Italian cuisine has also led to an excellent selection of Pizza & Vino shops, so take a tour of downtown!

Is there Shopping in Stamford?

Stamford has shopping scattered all throughout the city, however if you’re looking to stay in one area we recommend checking out the town center. Stamford Town Center is home to various shops ranging from; clothing shops, book stores, and even a steakhouse!

Stamford Town Center also houses a number of department stores, cosmetic stores, and even a dance hall. The malls collection of entertainment will keep any visitor coming back, so be sure to take a taxi down to Stamford Town Center during your vacation!

Stamford offers an amazing experience for those visiting, its combination of immense shopping and dining is elevated by its collection of natural sceneries. You’ll find the perfect vacation here, in fact the only question left on your mind should be how to get to Stamford. You could go with public transit like a train or a bus those options aren’t exactly reliable, not to mention unsafe. So then what is the best way to get to Stamford? A limo service of course!

We know what you’re thinking, “isn’t that a bit excessive?” Not at all! Now a days black car services are more than affordable and are willing to offer a premier service to anyone who needs it. Most car services even travel long distances, making getting to Stamford easy, even if you’re out of state. Riding in your own vehicle with a personal chauffeur is a feeling like no other, and is an experience that is bound to stay with you for years, so if you’re gonna visit Stamford, you may as well do it right.

If you’re ready to book a vacation you won’t forget than the only question left is, what are the rates for a limo or car service to Stamford?

What are the rates for a limo or car service to or from Stamford?

Prices for a limo or car service to or from Stamford will vary depending on specific locations. If you are coming out of New York or its surrounding area general prices are as follows;

Vehicle ClassGreenwich – StamfordWhite Plains – StamfordNew Rochelle – StamfordYonkers – StamfordManhattan – Stamford
LUX Sedan$129.16$162.91$171.05$202.50$242.16
LUX SUV 6$150.69$193.56$203.90$243.85$294.23
LUX SUV 7$163.96$211.38$222.82$267.02$322.76
Premium SUV $217.56$231.75$245.20$297.21$362.80
Prices will vary depending on specific locations

Who has the best rates for a limo or car service to or from Stamford?

The best prices for a limo or car service to or from Stamford are held by My Destiny Limo and are as follows.

Vehicle ClassGreenwich – StamfordWhite Plains – StamfordNew Rochelle – StamfordYonkers – StamfordManhattan – Stamford
STD Sedan$100.90$130.08$137.12$164.32$198.62
Prices will vary depending on specific locations

Stamford is home to fantastic entertainment options and is home to a phenomenal collection of shopping and dining for anyone visiting. The addition of a black car limo service only makes the experience much sweeter. With so many limo/car services available to you the only difficult part is choosing the right transportation service.

This may leave you wondering, What is the best limo or car service to take me to or from Stamford? My Destiny Limo of course! Their combination of luxury vehicles and knowledgeable chauffeurs make them the perfect limo service for anyone visiting Stamford, so book today!

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