Transportation to Pennsylvania

Make getting to Philadelphia easy!

If you live anywhere near the New York City area you may come across an issue plaguing many New Yorkers trying to visit Philadelphia. How to get there, while you may first think about taking public transit like a bus or train, you may want to reconsider, not only are those options dirty, and unreliable, but they’re also unsafe.

Additionally, with so much to do in Philadelphia, a tour of the city is a must do during your visit. Places like Center City are home to a fantastic collection of shopping and dining, along with plenty of entertainment to keep any visitor engaged for hours during their visit!

So with that in mind, what’s the best way of getting to or from Philadelphia? A limo or car service of course!

Limo or Car Service to Philadelphia.

Center City is filled with all kinds of places to check out, whether that be the several pop-up markets scattered throughout the city or even its historical district marked by a line of colonial houses. In fact, with Philadelphia practically being seen as “the birthplace of independence”, you’ll often find plenty of historical districts and museums to visit.

The line of colonial housing previously mentioned is a clear example of this, who despite being privately owned is still marketed as a museum for visitors to come see. Museums are quite popular in Philadelphia, largely due to the city’s massive influence over American history. Additionally, the area featuring colonial housing also hosts events and parades for visitors to come and enjoy.

Plus, with Center City being so close to the area, you’ll want to make sure you have smooth, hassle-free transportation to get you anywhere in Philadelphia, regardless of distance.

Transportation to Philadelphia.

With all this in mind it may come as no surprise that a limo or car service is one of the best ways of getting to and around Philadelphia. These days limo services provide more than just simple transportation, they provide an experience, an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Not only are rides easy to book, but with so many different luxury vehicles being made available to you, your only concern will be finding the service that suits you.

Luckily, most limo or car services are more than willing to provide safe, and reliable, long-distance transportation, regardless of where you’re coming from. Finally, thanks to most taxi services looking to provide all this at affordable rates, you’ll no have no issue at all finding the price that’s right for you, so why not book today!

Rates for a limo or car service to Philadelphia from New York.

Prices for a limo or car service to or from Pennsylvania will vary depending on specific pick up or drop off locations, general prices from near the Philadelphia area are as follows.

Vehicle ClassNew York City – PhiladelphiaNew York City – AllentownNew York City – ScrantonNew York City – Tannersville
LUX Sedan$508.38$500.88$617.62$466.19
LUX SUV 6$630.80$621.27$769.55$577.21
LUX SUV 7$694.80$684.26$848.32$635.51
10 Pass. VAN$1,539.58$1,518.71$1,843.65$1,422.15
Prices will vary depending on specific locations.

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