Need Long-Distance Transportation? Book a Limo or Car Service!

Get Out of Town, Book a Long-Distance Car Service.

Looking to get out of town? Need reliable long-distance transportation in New York City? Don’t panic, book a limo or car service! Spring is finally here, and if you’re looking to enjoy a your spring break then why not take a vacation outside of Manhattan. Sure, New York City may be packed with an endless activities, but sometimes you just want to experience something a little different.

Plus, you don’t even have to actually leave New York if you don’t want to, just take a trip out east to the Hamptons! Places like the South Hamptons and Montauk are great places to plan a weekend getaway.

Additionally, if you’re looking to go a little further out then you’ll be happy to know that getting there won’t be a hassle at all. These days many limo and car services in New York City provide long-distance transportation to just about anywhere in the tri-state area.

Pennsylvania is a great place to start, as it features neighborhoods packed with nightlife and rich history that can be seen both in its buildings and within the streets.

Old City and Center City are great places to get some shopping, and dining done while Penn’s Landing provides visitors with an excellent view of the Delaware River. Penn’s Landing, along with Washington Square West, is also home to a multitude of historical sights and museums. Not to mention one of the most diverse Chinatowns on the Northeast coast.

In addition, Philadelphia is just one of the many cities you can go to in Pennsylvania, as many limo and car services will also go out as far as Harrisburg, and even Pittsburgh!

Connecticut is another great state to visit, and while Stamford and New Haven may be far enough as it is most limo and car services will also provide long-distance transportation all the way out to Hartford!

Hartford is one of the oldest cities in the United States, and its rich history can be seen within its architecture. Additionally, Greater Hartford is home to some of the countries highest ranking universities along with a large number of manufacturing companies. This combination of brilliant minds and wide spread cultures has allowed Hartford’s culture to blossom into something truly worth visiting.

This doesn’t even mention Hartford’s fantastic collection of parks and museums, which can all be reached via a limo or car service to or from Connecticut.

At last we arrive to the capital of the country and one of the most important states in the U.S., Washington D.C. stands as a must visit for every travelers, and luckily getting there is as easy as clicking a button.

Washington D.C. is home to fantastic collection of museums , monuments, historic sights, and of course, culture! Plus, if you’re looking to enjoy a little quiet time you can always visit some of the cities surrounding towns. Georgetown is a great place to start as it’s home to beautiful parks and rivers along with restaurants so good even presidents eat there! You can even take walking tours of the town to help you get a real feel of the town.

So what are you waiting for? The Tri-State Area is packed with states, all home to rich culture and endless shopping & dining for every traveler to enjoy, and with so many car services available in New York, finding long-distance transportation is now just a button click away!

Prices for a long-distance car service in New York City.

Prices for long-distance transportation to or from New York City will vary based on specific pick up or drop off locations, general prices for a long-distance car service in New York City will be as follows.

Vehicle ClassNew York City – South HamptonNew York City – PhiladelphiaNew York City – HartfordNew York City – Washington D.C.
LUX Sedan$442.37$464.68$535.90$951.78
LUX SUV 6$548.55$576.89$667.36$1,195.64
LUX SUV 7$604.14$635.49$735.59$1,320.07
Prices will vary depending on specific locations.