Wall Street West and all its Wonders.

Exchange Place: Jersey City’s very own Wall St.

There’s no doubt that New York is home to some of the Tri-State areas most important companies and neighborhoods however recently, there’s been another city on the rise to the west. New Jersey has quickly been adopted into the New York greater metropolis and for good reason. Jersey City’s close proximity to Manhattan has allowed for the city to blossom in both art, culture, and of course finance.

Jersey City is now curating its own culture, even developing its own art district that mirrors its neighbor to the east. Though without a doubt New Jersey’s major addition is Jersey City’s finance center “Exchange Place“.

Originally the sight of railyards and industrial warehouses it’s now home to one of the east coasts key financial and transportation hubs

1838 to 1892 the Pennsylvania Railroad would purchase and remodel the terminal, expanding it into one of the most important transportation centers on the East Coast.

Originally developed as a transportation hub as far back as the mid-1700’s the name Exchange Place would be coined by local streetcars in order to better identify the location. Then in 1812 ferry service was established leading to a massive influx of commuters.

Sadly at the turn of the century business at Exchange Place began to dwindle, construction of the Holland and Lincoln tunnel caused business to move to Journal Square. Soon rail lines were replaced by bus routes, ferry service would be discontinued in 1949 and finally train service was suspended in 1961.

The decline of Exchange Place’s popularity was actually a blessing a disguise as it allowed for the Jersey City to embrace its potential as a waterfront.

Not all private buyers tore up the railroads, PATH renovated their portion of railyards in order to better serve commuters.

The large terminal previously occupying Exchange Place was soon deemed outdated. Small portions of land were sold to different buyers with 5 acres being given to the city. Railyards were torn up and the area was cleared for a potential business district. soon the area would become one of the most populated areas in Jersey City.

Jersey City’s waterfront was revitalized during the 1980s with many of its buildings being built in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Is there shopping at Exchange Place?

Exchange Place is littered with clothing stores like Care + Wear, Buffalo Exchange, and even Jane’s Exchange. However after the redevelopment of the district Exchange Place saw it to construct shopping malls for its visitors.

Exchange Place has also added additional plaza’s and public parks for those looking to visit.

Exchange Place is now filled with a few shopping centers like; the Exchange Place Centre, or even the Harbor Side Financial Center.

Are there restaurants at Exchange Place?

Most hotels in the area have rooftop restaurants with phenomenal views of the Manhattan skyline. Restaurants like Vu, and Roof Top at Exchange Place serve modern and new American dishes while Porto Leggero is home to Italian cuisine.

Exchange Place features a number of restaurants littered across the neighborhood with some of them being located in hotels.

Exchange Place is also packed with street level restaurants like; Del Frisco’s Grille, Cava, and even a ramen spot, Anu Ramen House.

Exchange Place may be home to multiple restaurants and retail stores but it also has a number of Cafes to visit.

While it may house the typical Starbucks and Dunkin it also has more personal cafes like Mod Cup and Gregory’s Coffee.

With so many activities to do in the district the only thing left is finding transportation to Exchange Place.

What are the prices for a limo/car service to Jersey City’s Exchange Place?

While Jersey City may have its own public transit its hardly reliable, meaning the only real transportation to Exchange Place is through a limo/car service. Luckily New Jersey and New York are filled with multiple black car company’s looking to satisfy everyone of your needs.

Prices for a limo/car service to Exchange Place vary depending on specific locations

Vehicle ClassExchange Place – Jersey CityExchange Place – NewarkExchange Place – ManhattanExchange Place – BrooklynExchange Place – Staten Island
LUX Sedan$106.81$150.44$135.75$136.67$160.43
LUX SUV 6$122.30$177.72$159.06$160.23$190.41
LUX SUV 7$132.55$193.86$173.21$174.51$207.90
Premium SUV$217.56$217.56$217.56$217.56$227.64
Prices will vary depending on specific locations.

Who has the best prices for a Limo/Car Service to Exchange Place?

The best prices for a taxi or car service to Exchange Place are held by My Destiny Limo and are as follows;

Vehicle ClassExchange Place – Jersey CityExchange Place – NewarkExchange Place – ManhattanExchange Place – BrooklynExchange Place – Staten Island
Private Shuttle$71.35$103.77$92.85$93.54$111.20
Prices will vary depending on specific locations.

Jersey City is now home to many new districts that seem to mirror its neighboring New York. Art districts, fashion districts, and in this case, its very own Wall Street. Exchange Place is now one of the most important financial districts in the New York Metropolitan Area and will continue to grow for years to come.

Exchange Place is now packed with important financial companies and a multitude of shops and restaurants for anyone visiting to enjoy. So book a limo to Exchange Place today!

How to Experience New York City

New York is filled with so many things to do, shops to visit, and buildings to gawk at that it can sometimes be hard to know what to do first. While the average resident may know all the ins and outs of the subway line it can become a little overwhelming for someone just visiting.

Hudson Yards Vessel

What if I wanna take a tour of the city? Well, hotels offer tours, but they’re rarely good and while your second thought might be the over priced bike tour of the city, during the rainy season it proves more of a hassle than anything else. With New York being always packed with something to do, it’s important to figure out a good service for your visit. Whether you decide to go shopping through the streets of SoHo, visit the Zoo’s up in the Bronx or want to experience the nightlife in Park Slope everyday is a new experience. So now the question is.

What’s the best way to tour New York City?

Without a doubt the best way to tour New York City is through a limo service. New York is filled with different car services and black car service that can offer a wide variety of tour options. These can range from simple destination based tours or, for the best experience, an hourly service that tailors to your needs.

What are the best rates for hourly limo services?

The best rates for an hourly service with the following vehicles; Luxury Sedans, SUVs, Luxury SUVs, Premium SUVs, and Minivans are as follows:

Vehicle Class3 Hours5 Hours7 Hours
Luxury Sedan$310$520$720
Luxury SUV$420$690$970
Premium SUV$450$750$1,050

What are the prices for a limo service in New York City?

New York limo services offer excellent options for anyone looking to separate themselves from the masses. Whether you’re staying withing Manhattan going downtown to Brooklyn or up north to the Bronx. The best rates for vehicles such as Luxury Sedans, SUVs, Luxury SUVs, Premium SUVs, and Minivans are as follows;

Vehicle ClassManhattan to BrooklynManhattan to The BronxManhattan to QueensManhattan to Staten Island
Luxury Sedan$150$150$170$170
Luxury SUV$200$190$210$260
Premium SUV$220$220$230$290

Who offers the best hourly service in New York City?

The best hourly service is undoubtedly offered by My Destiny Limo. Their combination of excellent and knowledgeable chauffeurs with top of the line vehicles make it the perfect service for anyone looking to feel New York during their vacation, so go ahead and book a taxi today!