Long-Distance Transportation to or from Connecticut.

Need to get to Hartford?

If you live in New York and need to get to Hartford, you may realize that finding long-distance transportation to or from Hartford can be rather difficult.

Buses aren’t exactly reliable, and trains are out of the question, however that doesn’t mean you’re out of options.

New York City is home to numerous limo or car services willing to provide long-distance transportation to anywhere in Connecticut, regardless of distance, so don’t wait, book today!

Taxi to Connecticut

Vacation North.

With summer in full effect it’s the prefect time to get out of the house and enjoy a vacation out of town, and there’s no better place to visit than Old Greenwich. Old Greenwich is home to a beautiful collection of natural sceneries along with plenty of shopping and dining to keep any visitor entertained.

Speaking of entertained, Old Greenwich also features plenty of beaches, theatres, and parks for every visitor to enjoy. Plus, with town residents being so friendly, you’ll feel right at home when you visit, so take a taxi to Connecticut today!

Old Greenwich is also home to several museums and art galleries scattered throughout the town, you may even find some of these places host wine nights for travelers to check out.

Transportation in New York.

New York City is considered the capital of the world, and with that also comes one of the most complex transportation networks in the country, but what if you’re trying to get out of town? Not to worry, New York is littered with transportation services looking to provide excellent, long-distance, transportation to all travelers.

New York is gorgeous in its own right, but if you’re trying to have a little more quiet time then looking up north may be your best bet. Luckily, the Big Apple is littered with transportation company’s looking to make your trip to Connecticut hassle-free. Additionally, company’s can accommodate for any one of your needs, even if you need a 10 passenger VAN for you and your group.

Not to mention that some services will even provide hourly charters, that way your driver can stay with you during your entire tour of Connecticut. This way you can get a full view of the town without even having to step out of your car.

Touring Greenwich

Old Greenwich is a beautiful town, filled with fantastic residents looking to welcome you with open arms to your brand new vacation destination. Plus, Old Greenwich is an old town, hiding its history right in its architecture featuring many traditional houses and museums as well.

You’ll find many of Old Greenwich’s sidewalks lined with restaurants and commercial shopping for all visitors to enjoy. Dining in town ranges from; Italian, New-Americano, French and, of course, seafood! In fact, Old Greenwich’s proximity to the coastline has led to many visitors labeling the hamlet as a beach town. Thanks to this much of the seafood you eat is caught right off the shore, making every single bite fresh to eat!

Additionally, with such an abundant supply of fresh fish being caught right at the coast, Sushi bars and Japanese restaurants have become quite popular in the area, serving excellent Asian cuisine to all travelers.

Why should I visit?

Old Greenwich also features plenty of commercial shopping, with much of its shops being littered throughout the town center. Stores in town vary from; clothing stores, jewelers, thrift shops, boutiques, and of course souvenir/gift shops!

This doesn’t even mention that great deal of entertainment available in Old Greenwich. If movies and shopping aren’t your thing then stop by one the towns many public parks and gardens, or maybe even take a taxi down to the beach. Old Greenwich’s collection of public areas are beautiful, with many of the towns residents making it a point to up keep the areas themselves.

Now while Old Greenwich may sound like the perfect place to enjoy your vacation getting there may seem a little overwhelming. While you may be tempted to take a train or a bus to town, what if we told you there’s a much better way of getting to Old Greenwich.

Transportation to Connecticut.

While New York City may have access to public transit like the MTA, but what if you’re trying to travel long-distances? Not to worry! New York is also packed with several limo and car services looking to provide the perfect transportation service for anyone trying to get around.

Limo or Car Service to Connecticut.

A limo or car service is one of the best ways of getting to or from Connecticut, not only are they reliable, but these days they’re more than affordable, with many company’s even providing discounts to their customers. Now the only thing left to figure out is the right price, and the right service.

Rates for a limo or car service to or from Old Greenwich.

Prices for a limo or car service to or from Old Greenwich will vary based on specific locations, general prices from the New York City area are as follows.

Vehicle ClassMidtown – Old GreenwichDowntown Brooklyn – Old GreenwichJersey City – Old GreenwichWest New York – Old Greenwich
LUX Sedan$245.33$267.90$283.02$257.65
LUX SUV 6$297.59$326.26$345.46$313.23
LUX SUV 7$326.34$358.07$379.31$343.65
10 Pass. VAN$799.59$862.41$904.47$833.86
Prices will vary depending on specific locations

The best rates for a limo or car service to or from Old Greenwich.

The best prices for a limo or car service to or from Old Greenwich are held by the transportation company My Destiny Limo and are as follows.

Vehicle ClassMidtown – Old GreenwichDowntown Brooklyn – Old GreenwichJersey City – Old GreenwichWest New York – Old Greenwich
Premium Sedan$193.53$211.83$224.08$203.51
Prices will vary depending on specific locations

My Destiny Limo is the perfect transportation service for long-distance travels. Their collection of luxury vehicles, and experienced chauffeurs at an affordable rate make them the perfect limo service for getting around, so book today!

New York’s private airport.

New York’s private airport: Westchester County Airport.

As of 2015 Westchester County Airport sees almost a million flyers annually.

Operating with 5 airlines, offers charter flights to the New York Knicks and Rangers, and the only airport in the White Plains welcome to Westchester County Airport! originally built as an airbase for the national guard it now stands as the primary airport for 2 separate counties, Westchester county in New York and Fairfield county in Connecticut. Today HPN is one of the most used airports by New York‘s outer suburb!

Today Westchester County Airport has partnerships with 20 different destinations throughout the United States.

Westchester County Airport was built in 1942 and was used by the Air National Guard until about 1983 when the area began to expand. HPN was mainly used as a regional airport a trend that is still seen today, its first flight was to LGA and Syracuse Hancock International Airport before returning in the evening.

From the 50’s to the 80s Westchester County Airport would see constant change with their operating airlines. These airlines were often start ups or regional services offered by major flight companies like American Airlines and United Airlines. Today, HPN is provides service for Delta, JetBlue, Republic Airways, Breeze Airways, and American Eagle. American Eagle is actually a regional branch of American Airlines and operate using small haul aircraft.

Westchester County Airport has one three level terminal that houses six gates. The airport is designed to operate four gates at the same time, this is due to only four aircraft being able to operate at the same time within the airport. The terminal also features a few gift shops and food concessions for flyers.

Westchester County Airport expanded in 2015, adding new lounges and even a separate terminal that serves private jets. HPN is currently looking to further expand and while environmental issues have put a damper on the airports plans, however progress waits for no one.

Today HPN is used by both public and private flyers, there is no direct transit to the airport, so the most reliable form of transportation to get there is through taxi.

What are the rates for a limo or car service to Westchester County Airport?

Rates for a limo or car service to Westchester County Airport vary depending on where you’re coming from, general prices are as follows.

Vehicle ClassWhite Plains – HPNGreenwich – HPNYonkers – HPNStamford – HPNNew Rochelle – HPN
LUX Sedan$125.13$130.35$178.56$173.75$160.76
LUX SUV 6$145.57$152.20$213.44$207.33$190.83
LUX SUV 7$158.29$165.62$233.38$226.62$208.36
Premium SUV$180.43$189.32$271.32$263.14$241.05
Prices will vary depending on specific locations.

Who has the best rates for a limo or car service to Westchester County Airport?

The best rates for a taxi to Westchester County Airport are held by My Destiny Limo and are as follows.

Vehicle ClassWhite Plains – HPNGreenwich – HPNYonkers – HPNStamford – HPNNew Rochelle – HPN
Private Shuttle$84.96$88.84$124.67$121.10$111.44
Prices will vary depending on specific locations.

Westchester County Airport may not be as busy as New York‘s JFK and LaGuardia airports but there’s no doubt it’s just as important. For New York‘s outer suburbs HPN makes it so residents can travel without having to go all the way down into the city. HPN does not have direct public transit to the airport so it’s best to book a taxi to take you to there.

If you’re looking for the best car service to Westchester County Airport look no further than My Destiny Limo. Their combination of knowledgeable chauffeurs and luxury vehicles make it an excellent choice for a limo service to take you to HPN, so book now!

Hartford, Connecticut

Welcome to the Insurance Capital of the World! Hartford, Connecticut is not only the state capital but also the fourth largest city in the state. The city managed to snag this nickname thanks to its abundance of big name insurance companies and its illustrious medical universities. Hartford is the main city of the Greater Hartford metropolitan area, and has a population of over 100,000. It’s also one of the oldest cities in the United States, this means the city is filled with rich history for any visitor to enjoy.

The city houses many of the country’s oldest buildings, some of which include the oldest art museum’s. the oldest park is also located in Hartford, making it an excellent location for anyone visiting.

Hartford was also where Mark Twain would raise his family, he would remark about how he found the town to be beautiful. For a while, Hartford was one of the richest cities in the United States, many of its riches coming after the American Civil War. This was because Hartford was the home of one of America’s most famous arms makers, Colt’s Arm Manufacturing Company.

Hartford is now in a strange situation, while the Greater Hartford Area is one of the richest in the country, most of its population lives below the poverty line. Though you’ll find this is true of most major cities. You’ll often find most of Hartford’s younger residents enjoying the nightlife, while the older residents take a limo home. Despite this, Hartford is filled with vibrant culture for any visitor to enjoy. Greater Hartford‘s is also filled with both high ranking universities and manufacturing companies, however Hartford is most known for its top tier insurance companies.

While an odd nickname, Hartford Connecticut is known for being the insurance capital of the world.

Many insurance companies built their main operating bases in Hartford due to its location. Connecticut is in between New York and Massachusetts, making it an ideal location for companies looking for a work force. With both New York‘s and Massachusetts’ concentration of workers, Hartford is perfect for insurance companies who mainly rely on blue collar workers. Recently, New Jersey has also become a prominent location for insurance companies, as it sits in between New York and Washington D.C.. now a days you’ll find many big name executives taking limos to places like Downtown Jersey City in order to extend their reach. Don’t be too surprised if you find a car service going to or from New Jersey and Connecticut.

During colonial times Hartford operated as a trading center for both the Dutch and the English. For a while, Hartford would be sold around until 1636 where Hartford’s boundaries would be officially set. Then new docks were built, helping explode the trade market within the city.

Hartford would also have a prominent role during the industrial revolution. The city would begin to specialize in manufacturing precision parts used in automobiles, clocks, and even rifles. Colt’s Arm Manufacturing Company was stationed in Hartford Connecticut. Hartford was also known for its innovation, with many modern pieces of technology coming from that time. Some of these include rotator cuffs for machinery, gear transmission for vehicles, and even chucks that are used for drills.

In the early to mid 1900’s Hartford was hit by a flood and then a massive fire that killed over a hundred people. Then after World War II, a number of Puerto Ricans moved to Hartford, this drove a lot of its original residence to outer suburbs. This led to a decline in the main city, causing insurance companies to move their offices out.

Hartford would storm back into power following the establishment of the Hartford Graduate School. The city would then kick off a 4 decade long rebuilding process beginning with the reconstruction of the Cathedral of St. Joseph. Multiple colleges, and company buildings would be constructed, and many houses were turned into museums. Transit hubs were built and many skyscrapers began to pop up around the city, the most notable being City Place I. Connecticut’s insurance giants would move back in during this time, most famously the Phoenix Life Insurance Company. Most company’s would build their offices on Constitution Plaza.

Constitution Plaza is a mixed use development that is occupied by both retail and office buildings.

It was seen as the ideal urban environment and was often used as an example for what urban growth should look like. a mixed urban plaza were both vehicles and pedestrians can co-exist safely, while still allowing access to the road should any resident want to take a taxi home. The plaza is surrounded by a number of mid-twentieth century buildings that were mostly designed by Charles Dubose. Such buildings include the 100 Constitution Plaza, 200 Constitution Plaza, and many more. Though most residents would agree that the Phoenix Life Insurance Company Building is the staple of the plaza. Constitution Plaza also features a freestanding pavilion used by Trinity College as part of their campus, and a U shaped court that was repurposed to luxury apartments by the company Spectra in 2015. The plaza itself is connected via well kept walkways and has numerous large pedestrian areas that include pools, fountains, and even a clock tower. Constitution Plaza is now home to many restaurants and shops, turning it into a retail hotspot for anyone visiting Hartford.

Hartford’s main place to stay is currently the Marriott.

The Greater Hartford area is a name that is used to define a large boundary that covers both Hartford and even parts of New England. While Hartford is known for being home to insurance companies it has recently expanded its specialty. Recently Hartford is becoming one of the leading entities in the tech industry thanks to its location.

Connecticut ranks as the 3rd most educated state in the country, making it prime real-estate for both universities and tech companies. The Greater Hartford Area is home to many universities that specialize in many aspects. While mainly known for its medical universities, Hartford has recently expanded to other areas.

Hartford is now home to schools that specialize in areas such as tech, and manufacturing. Some of Hartford’s universities now specialize in healthcare. Some of these universities include UCONN, Trinity, and even St. Joseph’s. This has also made Hartford one of the best states for tech companies wanting to put to use the skills of graduates.

If you consider yourself a museum goer than you’ll be happy to know that Hartford is packed with them. From the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art to the Mark Twain Museum, Hartford is worth visiting for the history alone! Most people like to visit a new place for the shopping and dining and Hartford is no exception to this. Whether you love pizzerias or Halal food, you’ll find something for anyone, including a few taverns. If you’re Still looking for a reason to take a limo to Hartford than look no further then its collection of breweries. Phantom Brewery, Thomas Hooker Brewery, the Hanging Hills Brewing, and so many more. If Breweries aren’t your thing then you’ll be glad to know that Hartford also features a number of wineries as well.

As of late, The Greater Hartford Area is becoming prominent in manufacturing and even aerospace. Some of these manufacturing companies include Reno Machine Co., Novo Metal Finishing Equipment, Hebert Engineering & Design and plenty more, including a couple of solar companies. While most manufacturing companies in Connecticut fabricate heavy machinery and metal framing, they also conduct plenty of precision manufacturing as well. Companies such as Synectic Product Development, focus on developing medical products for hospitals and clinics. Hartford’s expansion into tech and manufacturing has led to an explosion of vibrant urban culture in the city.

Hartford is now home to many different types of arts, whether that be music, writing or even performing arts. Hartford has many different genres of music for anyone to enjoy, from salsa, jazz, blues, indie, composer and even electric! The city also has plenty of shows for any visitor interested in Street Performances, acting, or even comedy shows! Hartford has a number of parades for anyone looking to vacation on a holiday. Some of which include, St. Patrick’s Day, Veterans Parade, and even a Puerto Rican Day Parade!

Hartford has many activities for any visitor. If you’re planning a vacation to Connecticut soon, it’s important to have good transportation there. Now a days most limo service’s will provide an hourly service for anyone looking to take a shopping trip. Hartford is also home to one of the oldest parks in the United States.

Bushnell Park was conceived in the 1850’s and is a made up of 50 acres of green land. Today the park hosts many events including park tours and even a carousel. During Hartford’s winter fest Bushnell Park offers free ice skating classes for anyone visiting.

Bushnell Park is at the center of downtown Hartford, not only does it have scenic views but also offers a number of activities for visitors to enjoy. While one of its main attractions is the ice skating rink during the winter they also offer a carousel. During Hartford’s winter holidays they also offer free carousel rides on Sundays from 12 to 5 PM. There are also a number of marathons and even jazz concerts that can make visiting Hartford worth while.

Hartford is also packed with residents who work in the city, so you’ll often times find them taking a car service or taxi in order to avoid public transit. Most drivers in the city are very reliable, however if you want to be absolutely sure than you can also order a limo. Overall any visitor planning a visit to Connecticut should absolutely give Hartford a chance, but remember! Connecticut may be the insurance capital of the world but it has much more to offer for any visitor. If you’re looking to get away from all the noise then you’ll be glad to know Connecticut has plenty of quiet towns to enjoy, our personal favorite being Old Greenwich. So if you’re looking for your next vacation spot, give Connecticut a try!

Old Greenwich, Connecticut

Welcome to Old Greenwich, one of Connecticut’s most popular vacation spots! With a population of over 6,000 people, those visiting will find plenty of shops and restaurants to enjoy. So if you’re planning a peaceful getaway then visiting Old Greenwich should be first on your list, so take a limo down to one of Connecticut’s most beautiful spots. Old Greenwich is managed by the town of Greenwich, a town consisting of different sections that are separated by zip code. Old Greenwich is filled with different activities for visitors to enjoy, whether that be visiting one of the local athletic fields in the town, or even going out boating!

Old Greenwich is located right next to the water! Meaning you can ride the ferry or even explore the marinas. If you’re more interested in history, then be sure to visit the Old Greenwich Bruce Museum of Arts and Science. Overall, Old Greenwich has plenty to do for anyone visiting.

Old Greenwich also includes a couple of parks, such as Binney Park Master Plan and many more playgrounds for anyone to enjoy. Old Greenwich is a part of Greenwich Point, which was purchased in 1640 by a woman named Elizabeth (Fones) Feake Hallet, who was originally the niece of John Winthorp. For a while, The town was actually named “Elizabeth Neck”, after the woman who originally purchased the land. It was eventually changed to Greenwich Point, which is where Old Greenwich stands today.

Old Greenwich Station is a commuter railroad system that is located in Greenwich, and is managed by Amtrak.

The rail system works directly with the New Haven Line, a rail system that runs from Connecticut to New York City. The Station itself was built in 1872, it was originally named Sound Beach Railroad Station however this was eventually changed to Old Greenwich Station. The building that the station operates in was built in the late 1800’s and still holds some of its exterior Victorian architectural style. In 1989, the station was registered as a historic place in the nation, however it was registered under the old name the “Sound Beach Railroad Station”. Old Greenwich Station was remodeled as recently as 2009, where it was made to accommodate for longer trains among other renovations. Overall, the project took over $14 million, and was just completed in 2019.

Greenwich Point is a popular beach site that sits in close proximity to Long Island. You’ll find most locals jogging or walking around the area, some visitors will even fish or swim in the water. Greenwich Point sits right on top of Long Island Sound, a body of water that sits between Connecticut and Long Island. The beautiful beaches can make taking a limo service totally worth it.

The land was first occupied by the Siwanoy Indians, who would use the land during the summertime in order to fish. In 1640 a man named Robert Feake bought the land for his wife, Elizabeth Feake, and named it Elizabeth’s Neck. They would then build their home nearby, where they would retain the land for more than a hundred years.

The land would then be purchased by a man named John Kennedy Tod, a Scotland born, American raised banker, who renamed the point to Innis Arden. In his early days, Tod was actually a Rugby player, who would represent multiple teams throughout his career, one of which being the Glasgow District. He also represented the West of Scotland District and even played internationally, where he represented Scotland against England.

He then moved to New York were he would begin a new career as a banking partner. Tod would form the J.Kennedy Tod & Co. banking group; he also became involved in restructuring railway properties. Tod would eventually die in 1925, passing away in his Innis Arden summer home.

After the death of Tod and his wife, Innis Arden was given to the Presbyterian Hospital of New York. Innis Arden would operate as a getaway for nurses until the beginning of World War II. Then, in 1944 the land would be sold to the Town of Greenwich, were it would be renamed to Greenwich Point. Greenwich Point is open to anyone who has beach passes, the area is typically open from 6:00 AM until sunset. Greenwich Point has a number of picnic tables, grills, showers, snack bars, restrooms, and plenty of benches to sit at.

Old Greenwich would begin its industrial presence in the 1920’s, where Conde Nast would operate a facility dedicated to printing top selling magazines. Some of these magazines would include Vogue, Vanity Fair, and House & Garden. Old Greenwich also had a bit of an industrial presence during the 50’s, it was home to a vacuum manufacturing facility, operated by Electrolux.

Today, the town is known for being very friendly and community based! so if you’re planning a relaxing vacation, Old Greenwich might be the place for you. You’ll often find the locals walking their dogs or relaxing in front of their porch, ready to mingle. Old Greenwich has a ton of associations dedicated to maintaining a safe and clean neighborhood! Old Greenwich also has a farmer’s market that operates throughout the summer season, the market is typically located on 38 West End Avenue, Old Greenwich.

Old Greenwich is riddled with all kinds of sellers during their farmers market. From fresh produce to even baked goods you’ll find anything and everything! take a limo up to Connecticut, we guarantee you wont be disappointed.

Binney Park is a 33 acre park that was donated to Old Greenwich by Edwin Binney, an American entrepreneur. Binney Park is filled with walking paths, stone bridges, and even a gazebo, the park also features tennis courts, and even baseball fields. The park is great for picnics and quite popular among photographers, they also host a number of nightly concerts during the summer. Binney Park is a great spot for couples! as the beautiful waterways and stone walkways make it a perfect romantic setting for anyone visiting Old Greenwich.

If you’re looking for a place to do some gift shopping, or if you’re simply looking for a meal, then you’re in luck. Old Greenwich has a handful of cute shops with plenty of souvenirs for visitors to choose from, the town even includes a thrift shop!

If you start getting hungry then you’ll be glad to know that Old Greenwich has plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from. For the most part, the restaurants around the area are locally owned with a quant menu, the most popular of which being Le Fat Poodle. However two of the most popular restaurants serve Italian cuisine, Applausi Osteria, and Lugano.

Old Greenwich is a fantastic place for those looking for a quiet getaway with the family, and getting there can be just a hassle free. While you can opt to using public transit, it’s often unreliable and is not readily available in the area. most visitors will often take transportation to the neighborhood via car service or even a limo service. though if you’re looking to take a taxi to the area then its best to go with a black car service. some drivers are willing to provide transportation from longer distances, whether that be New York to Connecticut or even New Jersey to Connecticut. So if you’re looking to take a limo out to Old Greenwich, we suggest researching in order to find the right transportation company for you.