Need a reason to visit Central Park? check out the Central Park Zoo!

Summer in the park; The Central Park Zoo

Summer is just around the corner making now the perfect time to plan your vacation around New York, however what if you want to do more than just walk around the park all day. Well then why not take a tour of The Central Park Zoo? with the weather getting warmer the Central Park Zoo is gearing up to open its doors to public once more, making it the perfect time to visit.

The Central Park Zoo is packed with exhibits, some permanent and some that are always changing, however all of them are fantastic, and with so many available, it’s the perfect time to take a trip to the zoo.

Plus with the zoo being located inside of Central Park you can always take a fantastic tour of New York‘s most popular park itself, so come visit Central Park!

What to do at the Zoo?

The Central Park Zoo is made up of 4 different sections and 1 aquarium, housing a permanent collection of penguins, monkeys, tigers, and even fox’s! The zoo is also home to a handful of gardens, educational centers, tropical areas, and even a children’s petting zoo. Plus the zoo location within Central Park means you’ll always find a street vendor in case you get hungry, or of course you can visit one of Manhattan’s many restaurants. In fact with so much to do the only thing left to figure out is how to get to the Central Park Zoo.

You may initially want to try your luck out with the MTA’s bus or train, but those options aren’t exactly reliable, not to mention unsafe. So then what is the best way to get to the Central Park Zoo? a taxi of course! New York City is filled with limo or car services that are not only luxurious but also affordable. not to mention that experiencing New York through the back of a limo is an experience like no other, and is likely to stay with you all your life. Now the only question left is.

What are the rates for a limo or car service to the Central Park Zoo?

Prices for a limo or car service to or from The Central Park Zoo will vary depending on specific locations, general prices are as follows.

Vehicle ClassLower Manhattan – The Central Park ZooTimes Square – The Central Park ZooWilliamsburg – The Central Park ZooJersey City – The Central Park ZooWest New York – The Central Park Zoo
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Prices will vary depending on specific locations

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The Central Park Zoo

Located at the southeast corner of Central Park, referenced in movies and shows, the Central Park Zoo is among the most famous around the world. Known for its depiction in Madagascar the Central Park Zoo has become very well known around the world. The zoo is a made up of 4 different zoos and 1 aquarium, all of this is managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). While looking among the zoo’s planning or simply having an aerial view it may seem very basic in its design, however this does not take away from its beauty. Its basic design makes it easy for any visitor to enjoy and the very location of the zoo makes it convenient for anyone who wishes to visit, all of these details have been carefully thought over in order to make the Central Park Zoo a phenomenal place to visit.

The Central Park Zoo was founded in 1864 and became the first public zoo to ever open in New York City. it had been remodeled 2 times in 1934 and 1960, in 1983 the zoo was actually closed down in 1983 for a complete reconstruction and was reopened 5 years later. The Zoo was actually not in the original plans of Central Park, the zoo was actually introduced informally during the 1850’s, starting off with exotic animals people would buy as pets and a bear tied to a tree. The original plans for the zoo actually had it located in Manhattan Square at the west side of Central Park where the American Museum of Natural History is currently located. Eventually it was decided to build the zoo on the southeast corner for many reasons, one of these reasons being its close proximity to Lower Manhattan, this made it popular with the working-class. Interestingly enough the Central Park Zoo had declined due to the city government neglecting the zoo in the 20th century.

The Central Park Zoo had grown in popularity after its representation in the movie Madagascar, the movie had depicted a handful of animals escaping the Central Park Zoo and roaming around NYC causing mass panic, funny enough this is not the first time something like this was depicted. On November 9th in 1874 the New York Herald newspaper published a hoax named “Central Park Zoo Escape”. The primary write, J.I.C. Clarke, had claimed that there was a mass escape from the zoo. going on to say a rhinoceros had impaled people and that a handful of other animals had also escaped and had mauled multiple people. Among those animals, a polar bear, a panther, a Numidian lion, multiple hyenas and a Bengal tiger. the lengthy article that was published had cause people to be horrified and made people panic, though at the end of the article it was made clear that all of it was in fact pure fiction.

The Central Park Zoo is among the many attractions in NYC that provide entertainment for any visitor coming either on their own or with a family. While the zoo itself would already be a brilliant place to visit for anyone, the very fact that it is also located in Central Park makes it all the more grandiose. If there were ever any questions as to whether the Central Park Zoo can hold up when compared to other forms of entertainment one should remind themselves that this zoo is not Just located in Central Park but also in the middle of New York City. Considering that My Destiny Limo provides service To or From NYC, going to the heart of the city is a must for anyone wishing to experience NYC before they “kick the bucket”. So if you want a safe and reliable trip to the heart of NYC, book a reservation on My Destiny Limo today!