Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport is one of New Jersey’s main international airports and despite being located in New Jersey, EWR is actually associated more with New York City. Often times tourist will come in and out of the city to take flights out of Newark Airport, so if you’re planning a vacation to the city, be sure to take EWR into account. EWR was actually originally called Newark Metropolitan Airport, EWR is also located between Essex County, and Elizabeth in Union County, New Jersey. EWR is also operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and is one of the three major airports operated by New York. Newark Liberty Airport was opened on October 1st, 1928 and was the first major airport that served passengers in the New York area. EWR was actually renamed because of the hijacking and crashing of United Airlines Flight 93 in the September 11 attacks. The new name, Newark Liberty International Airport, was chosen to honor the lives lost during the September 11 tragedy and to pay tribute to the Statue of Liberty landmark. While EWR has a great many deal of gates, 121 gates in total to be exact, it does not have that many terminal. EWR only has 3 terminals in total and instead of being numbered they are alphabetized from A to C.

Inside view of the Newark Liberty International Airport
Inside view of the Newark Liberty International Airport

Terminal A was completed in 1973 and has four different levels, Terminal A is operated by the EWR Terminal One LLC and is a part of the Flughafen Munchen GmbH. Terminal A is specifically managed for domestic flights and Canadian flights served by JetBlue, sometimes even flights to the Caribbean. Terminal A also handles some United Express flights, however these are only Ultra-short haul flights. Terminal A has no immigration facilities and is a very fast paced terminal, people know where they are going. most people have a preferred car service to EWR and some may even have a limo service to EWR.

Terminal B was also completed in 1973 and has four separate levels , it is also the only passenger terminal operated directly by Port Authority. Terminal B is the opposite of Terminal A, made exclusively to handle foreign carriers along with Caribbean, Jetblue, and United’s international arrivals. In 2008 went through a renovation in order to increase the capacity of departing passengers and their comfort. The renovations also allowed for a bigger ticketing area and even built a new departure level for more space and speedier transactions. With terminal B being exclusively for international flights sometimes getting a car service from EWR to NYC can be a very important task. Most foreign travelers would rather make it easy on themselves and order a car service with meet and greet, however when making a decision like that it’s important to make sure you choose a good limo service in NYC. So when booking a good car service to EWR make sure to choose the best black car service to EWR.

Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal A during nighttime
Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal A during nighttime

Terminal C was completed in 1988 and was designed by Grad Associates, its also exclusively operated by two separate carriers, United Airlines and United Express. Terminal C has had many renovations and expansions most of which have occurred between the years 1998 to 2003. Other renovations and expansions where made to EWR in 2014 when OTG announced a new $120 million dollar renovations plan. Terminal C has over 40 gates and has its own underground parking, this can make navigating terminal C a nightmare. However, the best car service in NYC can make it past traffic without an issue and if you want a limo service with meet and greet, they can find the best parking possible to make your ride faster. Terminal C not only has 41 gates but also hosts a number of food and shopping outlets which can make quick pickups take a long time. Luckily car services from NYC to EWR try to make transitions as smooth as possible, some NYC car services will park right in front of the exit to make sure you get to your car as soon as possible.

Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport has numerous ground transportation available to its customers. EWR can be reached via bus, NJT buses are northbound local and provide service which has stops in Irvington, Downtown Newark, and Newark Penn Station. However, buses tend to be unreliable, meaning often times commuters will take a car service to Newark Airport. Connections are then available to PATH and NJ Transit rail lines. Another way to reach EWR is by driving there, and there are a numerous amount of good car services in NYC. New York also has many more options to choose from, Private Limousine Company, Black car service, you name it and NYC has got it. Overall Newark Liberty International Airport is one of the 3 main airports surrounding NYC and while it may not be the busiest airport in NYC anymore, it still holds great importance to the City.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

Welcome to John F. Kennedy International Airport! The primary airport in New York City and one of the busiest International airports in the United States. More then 90 different airlines fly in and out of JFK and is the operating center for both American Airlines and Delta Airlines. Despite being one of the busiest airports in the country it is not easy to travel their via public transit, only bus lines are able to access JFK. However you’ll be glad to know that their are many car service companies in the city that can take you to or from the airport easily.

John F Kennedy Airport was originally called the New York International Airport, though it was often referred to as the Idlewild airport. This was largely due to the land being previously used by the Idlewild Beach Golf Course. Today it’s packed with taxi‘s heading to the airport.

JFK has half a dozen terminals and contains over 130 gates. The terminals are set up in almost a U shape though it still remains with a wavy pattern around the central area that contains the airports parking. Normally finding parking in JFK can be a problem so it’s often good to have a driver taking you to the airport. Before the 1990’s every single terminal at JFK was known for the primary airlines that they served. the one exception of this was terminal 4 which was known as the International Arrivals Buildings.

Terminal 1 at John F. Kennedy International Airport
Terminal 1 at John F. Kennedy International Airport

Terminal 1 was opened in 1998 and had been here for 50 years after the opening of JFK. The terminal is known for operating with many carriers and the primary four being: Air France, Japan Airlines, Korean Air and Lufthansa. Terminal 1 also operates with carriers: Aeroflot, Alitalia, China Eastern Airlines, Air China, Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines and many more. Terminal 1 is also lined with small businesses for when you’re waiting for your section to be called. Currently, Terminal 1 is being renovated to create more space for more small local businesses. there are also plans to upgrade the terminal to include more cutting-edge technology and more amenities. It’ll also make it more accessible to people with disabilities for whenever they are being picked up or dropped off by transportation companies.

Terminal 2 opened in 1962 and was the home of Northeast Airlines, Braniff and, Northwest. The terminal was exclusively used and operated by Delta Airlines. Terminal 2 is actually being used less and less thanks to the opening of Terminal 4 and the renovation of Terminal 1 into the New Terminal One. Terminal 2 is set to be demolished by 2026.

Terminal 4 was developed by LCOR Inc. and is managed by the JFK International Air Terminal. The terminal includes different operators such as SkyTeam, Star Alliance ,and even non alliance carriers such as Air Serbia, Caribbean Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Eastern Airlines, EI AI, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Hainan Airlines, Jet Blue, Kuwait Airway, LATAM Brasil, LATAM Chile, Uzbekistan Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Volaris, and WestJet.

Terminal 4 was opened in 2001 and was designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. It was built during the construction of the AirTrain with the AirTrain station being built inside the Terminal. the construction of the Air Train was meant to make Terminal 4 easy to navigate however it had the opposite effect.

Today the terminal is filled with shops, dining and even activities to relax, they also offer Wi-Fi and kiosks for easier navigation. Terminal 4 is one of JFK Airport‘s busiest terminal, with over 40,000 flyers coming in and out daily. This is sadly causing congestion among parking lots in the airport, with terminal 4‘s parking adding extra fees. If you’re planning on taking a car to the airport then you may want to get a limo service to avoid parking fees.

Terminal 5's sleek outer design at John F. Kennedy International Airport
Terminal 5′s sleek outer design at John F. Kennedy International Airport

Terminal 5 was opened in 2008 and was made for a number of airlines with the main one being JetBlue. Through out the years the terminal would see a number of redesigns and reparations. Terminal 5 has 29 gates in total with an Airspace Lounge near gate 24, this can sometimes cause congestion in the road and make it difficult to get out. A good way to avoid some of the congestion can be taking the Air Train in and out of the airport. Terminal 5 also includes a number of amenities including restaurants, cafes, and even their own banks. If you need to exchange money for your vacation in New York, then you’ll be happy to know the terminal also includes currency exchange spots.

Terminal 7 opened in 1970 and was designed by GMW Architects for BOAC and Air Canada. The terminal is currently operated by British Airways and is the only terminal operated by a foreign carrier while still being on U.S soil. Terminal 7 also includes carriers such as Oneworld, Star Alliance, Sky Team, and non-alliance carriers. From 1989 to 1991 the terminal was expanded to have 12 gates, this expansion was designed by William Nicholas Bodouva and some of his associates, and architects. British Airlines also plans to further expand and renovate the terminal to accommodate more airplane types.

With the majority of foreigners coming in and out of Terminal 7 it’s important to have a good limo service to take you to JFK. If you need a last minute taxi then you’ll be glad to know that most terminals in JFK have kiosks where you can order a car service.

Terminal 8 is one of the major Oneworld hubs with American Airlines operating directly from this terminal. American Airlines began an eight year program with the goal of turning it into the largest passenger terminal in JFK. Terminal 8 was designed by DMJM Aviation as a way to combine the old terminal 8 and terminal 9. It would open in stages with the first stage opening in 2005, it was officially opened in 2007. The terminal itself is actually two times bigger than Madison Square Garden and has multiple retail and food outlets. The terminal is also home to over 80 different ticket counters, more than 40 self-service kiosks, 10 security checkpoints, 29 gates, and processes over 1,600 people through its U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility. Terminal 8 is massive in size, if your getting a limo service out of JFK it would be beneficial to request a meet and greet to avoid getting lost.

JFK is a massive airport, with thousands of flyers coming in and out of it everyday. With New York being the center of the world, its home to many car services that will drive you around on your vacation. be sure to be well prepared when visiting the city, and book with My Destiny Limo.