Visit Rhode Island Hassle-Free!

New York to Rhode Island; Make Visiting Hassle-Free

Summer is here! and with the weather getting warmer you may be looking to start planning out your vacations to the tri-states vast collection of beaches. Such is the case for Rhode Island, who’s proximity to the coastline has helped the state garner a massive cluster of seaside towns and sandy beaches.

Rhode Island is now home to a wonderful assembly of vacation towns like; Newport, Narragansett, Warwick, and many many more.

Plus, getting to Rhode Island can now be made easy, even if you’re coming from and out of town state like New York.

Need Long-Distance Transportation to Rhode Island?

Rhode Island may be home to a number of beautiful locations but unless you live nearby it can be rather difficult getting there. additionally not all public transit is reliable, and some forms of transportation can even be unsafe. So then what is the best way to get to or from Rhode Island? a limo service of course! These days a limo or car service is one of the most reliable ways of getting around. Not to mention that having the right chauffeur can lead to an experience you’ll always remember.

If you live out of state, then don’t fret! Nowadays black car services offer long-distance transportation from anywhere in the Tri-State area. Most taxi’s provide service to all east coasts states meaning if you live in any major state like New York or New Jersey, you’ll always find a company ready to provide an excellent service. Now the only question is figuring out the best prices for getting to Rhode Island.

What are the rates for a long-distance limo or car service to or from Rhode Island?

Prices for a long-distance transportation to or from Rhode Island will vary depending on specific locations, general prices from the New York City area are as follows.

Vehicle ClassNew York City – NewportNew York City – NarragansettNew York City – ProvidenceNew York City – WarwickNew York City – Block Island
STD Sedan$772.94$679.15$726.07$701.25$739.24
LUX SUV 6$1,064.56$1,000.25$1,069.17$1,032.72$1,088.50
LUX SUV 7$1,174.77$1,103.62$1,179.86$1,139.54$1,201.26
10 Pass VAN$2,487.32$2,346.39$2,497.40$2,417.53$2,539.77
Prices will vary depending on specific locations

The Tri-State area is home to a multitude of limo and car services ready to take you wherever you need to go. In fact, your only concern should be figuring out the best limo or car service to take you to or from Rhode Island.

We recommend My Destiny Limo, their combination of luxury vehicles and experienced chauffeurs make them an excellent choice for getting around, so book today!